The basic studies in education and online learning

I have a lazy Sunday morning. However, with modern technology it is possible to see lectures given two weeks ago in the University of Oulu. The lectures are in video format and offered through Optima environment. The distance between Utsjoki and Oulu is 650 kilometres so it would be impossible to attend these lectures in person and work at the same time. Online studies offer the option to study and work at the same time. Of couse it is beneficial for us who are living in the Arctic region but also for anyone who is studying and working at the same time no matter where people are living.

However, online studies offer more to people in the Arctic. Arctic people are nature-bound. Hunting and gathering is a way of life. Fall is the season when schools start but it is also the hectic season of berry picking, hunting, fishing, traditional livelihoods like reindeer herding and so on. Weather and seasons define the time to do all that was mentioned. That is why it is reasonable to bend the studying as much as possible, for the nature does not bend. Arctic pedagogy and Sami pedagogy deal with the issue: how to educate people who are living in the Arctic and still live from the nature.

So this is happening to me today, my classes are availabe straight to my bed. It is possible because the University of Oulu has a online learning entity of basic studies in education. I also already have a home theater in my bedroom. The projector lamp broke when I was trying to watch some Finnish soap opera movie. I took it as a hint of not watching that movie ever again. Anyway, I have a television replacing the broken lamp of the projector. Trust me, I’m an engineer kind of solution, but it works. I don’t think that the lectures could be better seen from the big screen.

Technically this needed an extra 4G-connection antenna on the roof. Before the antenna my Internet connection speed was terrible:

And today during casting it looks like this:

Much improvement. Then I use Chromecast to stream the videos. University lectures are on Vimeo so it is possible to stream using the Vimeo app together with Chromecast.